When we started our Boxfit classes a few years back I was absolutely astounded at the response we got. Our ladies went bloody mad for it!!!

In no time at all we had waitlists as long as your arm. Our ladies were buying their own gloves and we had to put on an extra class and find bigger venues.

I won’t lie, I initially didn’t get it. Running and lifting heavy stuff were always my thing. Then I tried it for myself and realised that it was a workout like no other. 

Not only incredibly mentally empowering. Learning how to punch properly gives you confidence and is an incredible stress buster. It also burns calories like nothing else and tones muscles without bulking them up. Great for us ladies who are short on time and want to see results fast!

It’s other benefits include:

Tones your arms and tummy fast, improves strength, and overall fitness

Probably one of the best fat-burning exercises there is, burning up to 1000 calories an hour

Relieves stress and is massively empowering 

Great for posture, balance and coordination

Keeps you looking and feeling young

And guess what! It’s completely non contact and suitable for ALL abilities and fitness levels. 

At Love Life Ladies we’ve also been lucky enough to get ourselves one of the best boxing coaches in the area – six time Kick Boxing champion David Wilmott. This means that our classes our safe, informative, well structured and concentrate on getting the technique right preventing injury.

Classes run on Monday evenings at 6.45pm and Tuesdays at 7pm, both at Thomas Keble School.

If you fancy coming along and giving it a go, message us now for more info and to claim your FREE class pass. Please be advised though that spaces are strictly limited so please get in touch NOW to claim you spot…

With best wishes

Vicky x

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