So often it is far too easy to complain about what is going wrong with regards to our fitness and wellbeing, but the only one who can put it right is YOU!! Obstacles are a fact of life and often the most important lessons and best things are gained by overcoming the biggest challenges…

We’ve all got the ability to improve our mental toughness and motivation if we surround ourselves with the right people and have the right help….

This is why I think our Love Life Ladies Fitness works so well… We are a group of likeminded, motivated women who all encourage each other…. Everyone supports one another no matter where they are on their journey. The achievements of our ladies also supply the much-needed evidence of what is possible if you really want it…

Be extremely wary of those who don’t have the courage to make these amazing positive changes in their lives.. Have you ever the Gandhi quote that says:

‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you then they fight you and then you win’

Sums it up perfectly to me. People will mock and berate only what they don’t understand and what intimidates them… These are the people who generally look for the easy way out. Who are afraid to try anything different and live a life without limits….


I am pretty confident that if you are taking the time to read this that you are one us – THE ACTION TAKERS!!! You won’t look for the ‘magic pill’ to get what you want as you understand that anything worth having requires hard work and dedication….

Yes, our approach WILL offer you FAST and PERMANENT results but if you are looking for a quick fix or an easy way out then we are not for you. Love Life Ladies Fitness members are motivated women who are comfortable being uncomfortable and constantly inspire one another to be a better version of themselves!!

This is summed up perfectly by Karen who has been part of our crew for almost 2 years….

‘I joined LLL feeling low, and watching the weight creeping on and fitness levels going down. Tried diet and the gym but couldn’t stick to it. LLL is a fantastic group of ladies of all ages and fitness levels, whatever stage you are at everyone is super supportive and welcome. The only thing I’ve ever stuck at. My wellbeing is back on track, fitness improving all the time and down a dress size into the bargain. Can’t recommend it enough.’

The thing is that people need to be ready to take action and also have the right support and guidance. This is one of the reasons why, we are see such AMAZING results on our Love Life Ladies Six Week Fat Loss Challenge .. It’s because these ladies are READY and in the right place to significantly change the quality of their life.

The course addresses that crucial initial 6 weeks where vital new habits are being formed. This will ensure your success in improving drastically improving the quality of your life…

Please be aware though that you need to be ready to embark on this process and we will only work with those who we feel are 100% ready to make significant positive changes to their lifestyle. Otherwise, it would be waste of all of our time and indeed your money!!

This course is open to anyone who has the desire and motivation to make permanent positive changes to their fitness and wellbeing …

The next course will commence on the 9th September and due to it’s intensive nature, we will only take on a limited amount of people for each 6 week period.  At the time of writing this we only have 2 SPACES LEFT!!

If you think this is a process that you are ready to embark on then please click this link below to secure you space:


Alternatively, get in touch for more info.

In the meantime, have a great day xx

PS if you would like to become part of our closed facebook group Love Life Ladies Wellbeing, then click the link below:

This is a free online forum where likeminded ladies can share information about women’s health and wellbeing, ask questions, start discussions and generally empower one another. Hope to see you there xx

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