This week it was ‘Blue Monday’, the allegedly most depressing day of the year….

Christmas is over, the weather is rubbish, you are waiting for pay day and feeling a bit low….

Admittedly a few people I spoke to were a little down in the dumps. It’s been cold, wet and miserable outside. The good intentions they had at the beginning of the month are beginning to wane and they are feeling less than motivated.

We get so many ladies contact us at the beginning of January. Unfortunately very few of them follow through and actually make it to class….

I see this every year. People buy in to the New Year New You nonsense and are in too much of hurry to set massive goals, which they don’t think through properly.

Gym’s base their entire business model on this fact. They oversubscribe year long memberships at the beginning of January knowing that a small percentage of people will actually use them…

Easy money for them!!

My advice would be to SLOW DOWN!

January should be a time for reflection, making plans and looking forward to the new year. Not feeling disappointed because you have set yourself unrealistic goals over Christmas.

This is why, in my opinion, so many people give up on their New Years resolutions by mid to late January. They are in far too much of a rush!

Most gyms and fitness trainers don’t want you to know this and that’s why we are bombarded with ‘limited time offer’ membership deals at the the beginning of January!

At Love Life Ladies it is our mission to help as many women as possible transform the quality of their life through the services we offer.

Before you even lace up your trainers, we believe that you need….

  1. A clear vision of where they want to be and WHY they want to achieve it
  2. A realistic plan of action
  3. The right support and accountability
  4. The right conditions and tools to achieve their goals

Goals are important as they give you something to work towards BUT consider them carefully and take your time…

This is why at Love Life Ladies Fitness, we don’t start are hugely successful 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge until the beginning of Feb! We just don’t feel most people are ready before then…

This program will give you all the support, expertise, accountability and tools to achieve what you really want to achieve in 2020.

We are so confident that our approach works that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you follow this program and you don’t see amazing results….

  1. You get one to one support from one of our highly experienced and qualified coaches…
  2. Access to all of our classes…
  3. The support of others who are working towards the same goals as you…
  4. A individually tailored diet, exercise and nutrition plan…
  5. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of the ladies who have transformed their lives on our program and get to find out EXACTLY how they did it….

So if you want to buck this trend and make 2020 the year you achieve all your fitness, wellbeing and weightloss goals then sign up here:


Alternatively send us a message with any question you have.

Hurry though as we only have 9 spaces left and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis!

Vicky x

PS if you would like to become part of our closed facebook group Love Life Ladies Wellbeing, then click the link below:

This is a free online forum where likeminded ladies can share information about women’s health and wellbeing, ask questions, start discussions and generally empower one another. Hope to see you there xx

‘Love Life Ladies is THE best fitness programme in Stroud. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. I lost 3 stone, gained better eating habits and met some wonderful fellow supportive friendly Love Life Ladies. There’s a huge wealth of classes to appeal to everyone at all times of day and night along with lots of good social opportunities. It was the best thing I did and I love it 😍 We are so lucky to have this in our area. You will never pay exorbitant gym prices again and see results that really work!’ Justine Millard

“I have dropped three dress sizes – 20 to 14! Thank you, Vicky! Without your fabulous classes & support I would have been eating myself to a 22!”  Clare Jackson

‘I’d like to think of myself as a typical woman approaching 50 but my lifetime battle with my weight and frustration of paying for a programme that just wasn’t working for me left me feeling somewhat hopeless. A number of stone overweight, very unfit, badly coping with being peri-menopausal, and needing to manage stress. I was pretty desperate to get to grips with it all and then I discovered LLL and haven’t looked back since!

I have been inspired and challenged by some awesome women – all juggling their own sets of plates!! Made new friends and met up with ladies I know but didn’t realise were dealing with their own personal health and fitness challenges.

Vicky has been amazing – not in your face but she doesn’t miss anything either. She instils in you the importance of personal accountability and self belief – nothing is stopping you but yourself. And she is always smiling!!!! No mad PT instructor shouting at you making you feel rubbish.

I have loved every minute … the benefits so far are endless from weight loss, more energy, a stronger core, I am fitter (a way to go yet) but most of all I have been empowered to invest in myself again to enable me to be able to be and do who I was meant to be!!’ – Amanda Sewell

Just wanted to let you know that am going out tonight and for the first time in about ten years and am feeling good.. I have a waist again! No secret bloody pants for me tonight! Thanks for the plan .. You are truly doing a wonderful things for women.’ Colette Cuddihy

‘I joined the LLL Weightloss & Wellbeing Club hoping to gain the knowledge & support to lose weight (& stabilise my ‘yo-yo’ losses/gains) AND that’s exactly what I got!

I’ve learnt more about nutrition and how to embrace & stick to realistic new habits which not only enable weight loss but make me feel so much healthier too (especially my skin!)

The support & ideas from Vicky & the other members are invaluable and really keep me focussed on my goals & how I can achieve them.’ – Sarah Mills

‘Love Life Ladies is a brilliant community of women and great instructors – lots of fun and sweat in a supportive, motivating atmosphere. Whatever your level is you’re guaranteed to get a good work out and feel miles better about yourself. Fantastic and well worth every penny.’  Dana Fainaru

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