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Love Life Ladies is THE best fitness programme in Stroud. I would recommend it wholeheartedly. I lost 3 stone, gained better eating habits and met some wonderful fellow supportive friendly Love Life Ladies. There’s a huge wealth of classes to appeal to everyone at all times of day and night along with lots of good social opportunities. It was the best thing I did and I love it We are so lucky to have this in our area. You will never pay exorbitant gym prices again and see results that really work

Justine Millard

I have lost 15lbs and have been told that I look “athletic” – this for someone who was always the last to be picked for school games teams! I ran the Bristol 10K without stopping in a time of 1 hour and 6 minutes in May and can now run 8 miles. I have entered the Stroud Half Marathon in October.

The best result is that I now enjoy exercising and have found that it has made me create some “me” time to enable me to do it. I am fitter than I have ever been in my life, I have bags of energy and I look great.

I have previously tried Rosemary Connelly, Diet Chef, the GI Diet and Weight Watchers but none of these gave me the tools to make permanent changes like you have and none of them included the encouragement and support to improve my fitness – I can’t thank you enough!

Vicki Parker

Just wanted to let you know that am going out tonight and for the first time in about ten years and am feeling good…

I have a waist again! No secret bloody pants for me tonight! Thanks for the plan .. You are truly doing a wonderful thing for women.

Colette Cuddihy

Love Life Ladies has an amazing variety of classes at different times of the day Mon to Sat, to suit everyone. From Bootcamp to Combat, Boxing, Weight Training, Pilates, Interval Training for Running and Kettlebells. I also did the Beginners Running Course 3 years ago and now run regularly. A fantastic family of supportive ladies and excellent, motivational, informative instructors, help me to keep fit & healthy, focussed, as well as having fun and a laugh.

Love Life Ladies is so much more than just an exercise class. I’ve made lots of new friends and changed my health and fitness for life. At nearly 50, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. 


Karin Ayres

Helen Vaughan

The process has been liberating – I feel stronger physically and mentally and more in control and my confidence and self-esteem has improved.

The regular contact has helped me to be more disciplined and focused in order to achieve my goals, and the 3 weekly Bootcamp sessions have helped me improve my fitness and achieve a decent 10K time after 5/6 year lapse in fitness.

The whole package has been key, including the posts – I love the concept of a diverse group of strong, fit, healthy women supporting each other. I can now wear dresses that have not been worn for 10 years and feel comfortable.


Helen Vaughan

Helen Vaughan

I started the Love Life Ladies Intensive Bootcamp Programme in February and it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long while. It’s now December and I’m the fittest I’ve been for a long while and I’ve lost three stone, but don’t tell anyone!

Seriously, I’m always getting compliments on my progress, which is great, and without Vicky I should probably be stuck at home getting fatter.

I’m addicted to Bootcamp. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I do not like missing a class – got to get your money’s worth after all. I wore a little red dress last night that I haven’t worn for more than fifteen years – I’ve lost three dress sizes!

Vicky’s so positive and encouraging – just see her Monday Motivations and posts on Facebook. I would not hesitate to recommend Vicky Martin’s Ladies Love Life Bootcamp to anyone. Bring it on!

Clare Jackson

Initially the best result was the weight loss, a completely new body shape, confidence, energy, motivation, a sense of inspiration.

But the best thing for me now is just that amazing feeling of feeling the fittest I have ever been!

Hannah Blackwell

I saw results quickly and generally felt better in myself, felt good and my whole attitude about myself changed.

I lost the weight I wanted to lose and the inches dropped off, It made me feel and look good and just generally made me a happier person.

Hannah Louise Rosser

I just wanted to send you a quick mail to say THANK YOU! I did the race for life yesterday in Cheltenham and did 5K in 26 minutes, which was way quicker than last year when I did it in 38 mins.

Your Bootcamps have really increased both my fitness and confidence and I am so pleased that I started them last year. Thank you x

Sam Compton

I have achieved a level of fitness that I am really proud of and I want to maintain and improve on this.

I enjoy the people/Bootcamp family, it is positive, uplifting and supportive and I love working with the instructors..

I am without a doubt the fittest I have ever been, far more fit then I ever was in my teens, twenties and most of my thirties.

I-Lan Hamilton

I never thought that I would ever fit into size 10 skinny jeans, but I do, and the feeling is awesome!

Working with Vicky is like a breath of fresh air, she is so dedicated to her job, fitness and nutrition are her way of life, and it rubs off on you!

The Bootcamp classes are always full of ladies, of all ages and abilities, all with one common goal, to improve their fitness and have fun at the same time. We are like a big family, who support each other when needed.

I have made some great friends and we see each other for various social events.

My greatest accomplishment is the self-esteem that I have found, and the confidence that feeling good about yourself brings.

Rose Fern

I feel so much more positive, my fitness has already improved and I’m looking forward to improving it further.

It’s the first time I have enjoyed exercise is as a part of my life and I want to continue with it forever!

Kyla Worthing

Total liberation! Enabling and stimulating…

Susan Bough

I love feeling so energised and definitely fit into my clothes a lot better.

Also such a lovely bunch of ladies that go to the class.

Jelena Kuklenko

I feel fitter and healthier and generally much stronger, mentally as well as physically.

Tricia Prince

I have been going to Love Life Ladies Bootcamp run by Vicky Martin for the last year and a half.

She is brilliant and caters for people all shapes and sizes. I lost a stone in 6 weeks.

Emily Miles

I will no longer go back to gyms as this is much better!

Justine Millard

I’ve lost 19lbs since joining Love Life Ladies Bootcamp two months ago.

It is amazing and has done wonders for me to kick the baby weight

Kelly Clarke

I am so glad that I joined as Vicky is an amazing fitness trainer, not only does she explain everything clearly, she is extremely motivating and always there encouraging you even if you are having a bad day.

Thanks to Vicky and her encouragement and her great dietary advice I am now just over a stone lighter which I achieved in a just over 2 months.

This has helped boost my confidence no end and I feel fitter than I have done in years.

I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone. Thanks a million Vicky.

Rachel Wiltshire

The weight loss has been a fantastic result and to have lost a stone in weight over the initial 6-7 weeks was just amazing and totally unexpected!

Also being able to continue to follow the programme and lose another stone over the next 3 months has been an incentive to keep going and I am now at target trying to maintain my weight loss and tone up!

I’m feeling so much better in myself than I did before, all for a bargain price! I just wish I’d signed up earlier!

Lesley Gal

I started to see my waist again (after about 10 years, going back to when I had my first child), I was able to keep my weight down without heavy dieting.

The endorphins that I was getting through the exercise were lifting my general mood and state of mind for days after. An all-round win!

I can honestly say that in my forties I am now much fitter than I have ever been in my life, and have found the exercise that really suits me. I would thoroughly recommend Vicky’s Bootcamp sessions to anyone…

Penelope Newton-Hurley

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