Are you currently trying to lose weight and not getting very far?

Have you tried multiple diets in the past, but none of them have worked in the long term – often leaving you in a worse situation than you were before you started?

Is it one step forwards two steps back?

Please don’t worry! There is a solution.

So often people come to us saying that they are doing all the ‘right things’ but still any kind of significant and sustainable weight loss seems impossible…

Well in my experience, here’s why this might be:

1. They don’t address what they are eating

Sounds daft doesn’t it, but many people still believe that exercise alone will help them lose weight.

While a great fitness program has a multitude if physical and mental benefits, without a sound nutrition plan – weight loss is rarely one of them.

Another thing I so often see is people being ‘good’ from Monday to Friday, only to go crazy at the weekend. They undo all of their hard work by gorging on unhealthy food and drink on Saturday and Sunday often ending up in a worse position than they were at the beginning of the week….

2. They are getting too much of a good thing

Just because a food is healthy it doesn’t necessarily mean that too much of it won’t make you put on weight. For example avocados and nuts are both highly nutritious, but also both high in calories so should be eaten in moderation…

Before anything else, we always address portion size with our ladies. WHAT you eat is just as important from an overall health perspective. If you are eating too much of it though, you just aren’t going to shift those extra pounds…

No calorie deficit = no weight loss!

3.They don’t record and measure how much they are eating

Sound like a drag doesn’t it, but initially it is vital to your progress. People often have a very warped idea of portion sizes and indeed exactly what they are eating in a day…

A little attention to the quantity and indeed WHAT you are putting in your mouth with make a huge difference and using an app likes ‘myfitnesspal’ can really help.

This is an absolute game changer!

The key is to be really honest with yourself as this is the ONLY way to make progress. Weight loss isn’t easy, and if you are not prepared to do all of the above and make a few sacrifices then you aren’t going to get very far.

There are hundreds of ‘diets’ out there and many will work at least in the short term. Unless you are prepared to make permanent changes to your lifestyle then you will not see permanent results.

You may be one of the lucky few who an off the shelf diet works for but in my experience, for most these only ever offer a quick fix…

This is why, after many years of working with women who are desperate to lose weight and think they have tried everything – Love Life Ladies Fitness offers the Six Week Fat Loss Challenge.

The course addresses that crucial initial 6 weeks where vital new habits are being formed. This will ensure your success in improving drastically improving the quality of your life…

This is summed up really well by Carol who completed the challenge in July, lost 10lbs and continues to reap the benefits of the lifestyle changes she has made:

‘Vicky is understanding and helpful, but pushes you just the right amount to achieve your best. I am extremely grateful to Love Life Ladies for giving me the tools to continue to eat healthily, control my menopausal symptoms and remain fit. I highly recommend this to anyone.’

Please be aware though that you need to be ready to embark on this process and we will only want to work with those who we feel are 100% ready to make significant positive changes to their lifestyle. Otherwise, it would be waste of all of our time and indeed your money!!

This course is open to anyone who has the desire and motivation to make permanent positive changes to their fitness and wellbeing …

The next course will commence on Monday 21st October and due to it’s intensive nature, we will only take on a limited amount of people for each 6 week period.

If you think this is a process that you are ready to embark on then please click this link below to secure you space:


Alternatively, get in touch for more info.

In the meantime, have a great day xx

PS if you would like to become part of our closed facebook group Love Life Ladies Wellbeing, then click the link below:

This is a free online forum where likeminded ladies can share information about women’s health and wellbeing, ask questions, start discussions and generally empower one another. Hope to see you there xx

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