It’s no secret that as we reach 40, things can start to change….

It gets harder to lose and maintain weight. Our body compositions alter meaning we carry more weight around our mid section 😩

One of the biggest mistakes women make though is succumbing to fad diets that offer quick fixes. Diets that cut out key food groups, drastically restrict calories and don’t feed your changing bodies the key nutrients it needs.

A one size fits all diet rarely works long term for women over 40. They don’t provide what we need to address fluctuating hormones (meaning menopausal symptoms can get worse). This can also lead to osteoporosis (making you more susceptible to breaking bones), loss of muscle mass and in turn reduction of human growth hormone (the hormone that keeps us looking and feeling young).

ALL of these factors can also lead to premature ageing.

So should we just accept that we need to slow down and ‘grow old gracefully’?


Women can (and indeed SHOULD) thrive past 40. With the right nutrition plan and exercise program these can be the best years of your life, and at Love Life Ladies we have mountains of evidence to prove it…

Take our Karin for example.. Smashing it at 50 and in better shape than most women half her age….

Mikala who in her 60s is stronger, fitter and more mobile than most women in their 20s….

Paula who only joined a few months ago and is now in her 40s, is in the best shape of her life….

And all of these ladies came to us nervous, baffled and not knowing where to start..

Over the last few years I have seen hundreds of women transform their life with the Love Life Ladies’ holistic and healthy approach to wellbeing and weight loss. Impressive weight loss aside (many of our ladies see between 4 – 8lbs weight loss in two weeks). Our program drastically improves energy levels, helps sleep, improves concentration and helps eradicate the side effects of hormonal changes such as hot flushes and night sweats.

It has also encouraged so many of our participants rediscover their love of exercise and discover what their bodies are capable of.

If you would like to find out more then please get in touch. We also have a few spaces available at our FREE seminar ‘Weightloss and Wellbeing for 40+ Women’ that is happening on Saturday 20th October at 9.45am.

It’s going it be awesome and I so excited about sharing this life changing approach to even more ladies in the future…

With best wishes

Vicky x

PS if you would like to become part of our closed facebook group Love Life Ladies Wellbeing, then click the link below:

This is a free online forum where likeminded ladies can share information about women’s health and wellbeing, ask questions, start discussions and generally empower one another. Hope to see you there xx

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