My Thoughts On The New Obesity Pill

A new obesity drug called Acomplia is to be made available on the NHS. Apparently this ‘wonder-drug’ can cut body weight by up to 10% in a year by interfering with a part of the brain involved in cravings…. To me this completely misses the point and...

Three Reasons That You May Not Be Losing Weight….

Are you currently trying to lose weight and not getting very far? Is it one step forwards two steps back? So often people complain to me that they are doing all the ‘right things’ but still any kind of significant and sustainable weight loss seems to evade...

I think it’s load of old *********

So this week it was ‘Blue Monday’, the allegedly most depressing day of the year…. Admittedly a few people I spoke to were a little down in the dumps. It’s was cold, wet and miserable outside. The good intentions they had at the beginning of...
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